About the Lifestyle Validation Study

Diet and Lifestyle are critically important to health, but are difficult to measure. The Men's Lifestyle Validation Study is a unique study on diet and physical activity among men that has never been attempted in such detail anywhere in the world!

Dr. Walter Willet
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The study aims to recruit up to 1,000 men. The National Cancer institute is investing considerable resources in this research because it will provide critically important information to help evaluate and improve the methods scientists use to assess diet and physical activity. In this study we will test innovative methods to measure diet and physical activity, and to determine how well we can accurately estimate the calories someone has burned over several weeks. Together with biochemical measurements of nutrients in blood, urine, and saliva, we will obtain the most complete picture about an individual's diet and physical activity ever! This will allow us to better relate diet and physical activity to disease outcomes in men.

We assembled a remarkable team of dedicated and highly skilled individuals who will be working together and interacting with you to make this a truly positive experience! Your participation is very important, as data provided will significantly impact future diet and physical activity recommendations for prevention of diseases in men worldwide.

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